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Annual Weed Control & Fertilization Program

Keep your lawn looking healthy all year long.



Weed Prevention

7 Treatments Per Year


Produce thick, dense turf more resistant to weeds, disease and drought with our Annual Weed Control & Fertilize  Program. Only 7 applications ensures a beautiful and healthy lawn.

Prevent weeds before they start to grow with our pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides. Kill existing weeds and prevent future growth as part of our lawn care program.

The synchronized weed treatment and fertilization program uses our own custom fertilizer mixture to give your lawn the nutrients needed for growth and color.

A lawn care program specifically designed for your turf.

The Superior Lawn Services 7 round program utilizes unique combinations of properly timed treatments consisting of pre- and post-emergent weed controls, fertilization, and lime. All designed to keep your lawn healthy and looking its best all year long.




Bermuda & Zoysia Program

1 Early Spring


Pre-emergent Herbicide to help control annual grasses. Broadleaf weed control along with fertilizer to provide a healthy root system which helps to promote early spring green-up.

2 Spring


Pre and post-emergent weed control. Fertilizer applied to promote a dark green healthy lawn. Insect control applied as needed.

3 Early Summer


Pre and Post emergent weed control along with Slow release liquid fertilizer to maintain a dark green healthy lawn.

4 Late Summer


Slow release fertilizer to maintain a dark green healthy lawn. Broadleaf weed control and annual grass control as needed.

5 Early Fall


Fertilizer applied to promote a healthier root system thru-out the winter.

6 Fall


Pre and post-emergent weed control to control winter annuals. Fertilizer to help maintain a healthy root system. This treatment prepares your lawn for winter sleep.

7 Winter


Lime applied as needed to correct soil pH. Weed control for annual weeds.



Fescue Program

1 Early Spring


Apply fertilization, and pre- and post-emergent herbicide to prevent weed problems in the future.

2 Late Spring


Another application of fertilization and pre- and post-emergent weed control will continue to protect the lawn before the summer months approach.

3 Early Summer


Controlled-release fertilization and weed control as needed and we apply iron for the purpose of producing a deep, green color to last all year long and keep your lawn looking its best.

4 Mid Summer


Limestone supplements applied to condition soil, which allows the lawn to use the fertilizers efficiently.

5 Late Summer


High-phosphorus fertilizer applied to promote seedling development. This is the best time to core aerate and seed Fescue lawns.

6 Fall


Fertilization will help the newly seeded lawn grow and establish a root system.

7 Late Fall


Fertilization will help the newly seeded lawn grow and establish a root system.




Superior Lawn Service is not in the lawn spraying business, we are in the customer business. We've been built that way, one relationship, one lawn at a time. We like to say, "You may own your home, but your lawn belongs to us"


We guarantee your satisfaction in each and every application. If you are not completely satisfied in the results of an application, we will re-service your lawn or landscape at no charge, or we will refund the cost of the application in question.


Superior Lawn Service uses only the most environmentally responsible products available. It is our policy to minimize all pesticide use. For this reason we will evaluate the landscape during each visit and spray only the plant material which needs spraying.





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